Turner Freeman Lawyers Sports Video Production


The Brief

We were excited to produce 2 concepts showcasing the strong partnership between our clients, Turner Freeman Lawyers and the rugby league team the Penrith Panthers. This was a Sports Video Production

The brief was to show the parallels of both organisations, highlighting what it takes for each of them to succeed. Subsequently, we focused on Preparation, Determination, and Motivation. Overall, they had a common goal of Winning. 

The Planning Stage

Planning involved 2-3 face to face meetings with our client, Turner Freeman Lawyers. We needed to perform a detailed scouting of their Parramatta Office where half of filming would take place. Consequently, the other half was at the Penrith Panthers stadium and HQ. We filmed at Penrith Panthers Academy and stadium. However, a few months earlier we filmed another Sports Video Production for Turner Freeman Lawyers to raise awareness of the deadly disease, mesothelioma.

Firstly, we presented a few concepts we had in mind. Subsequently, two concepts were approved, both communicated the key messages and met logistics. The NRL season just about to begin, however, we were confident we could tackle the production in time. 


Morning Filming

7:30am Arrived at Parramatta Turner Freeman Lawyers.

The scenes across both concepts involving the lawyers from Turner Freeman were filmed in the morning.

Firstly, we filmed most of the pieces to camera. For audio, we set up a boom for audio recording with backup lavaliere mics. Lighting was a simple, 3-point lighting setup. We provided a teleprompter and found it made for a very efficient audio recording, with minimal re-takes, we stormed through this part of the production.

Lastly, we filmed the B-roll footage and were right on schedule to leave Parramatta for a 12pm arrival at the Penrith Panthers Academy.

12pm Arrived at Penrith Panthers

Penrith Panthers Academy

We arrived at the Penrith Panthers Academy on schedule to set up the first shot. The gym was the location for the first couple of shots. We met the team captain, James Tamou who performed a few deadlifts. In the end, we used this shot as the introduction to concept 2.

After finalising the gym shots, we moved outdoors to capture some b-roll footage of the players in action. It was here we got the meet Nathan Cleary and Josh Mansour. Unfortunately around this part of the day, the players had to go off to compulsory meetings. Consequently, we had to speed things up and shoot as efficiently as possible without compromising on the quality. We have filmed previous Sports Video Productions and this is all apart of working with high level sports stars who have very intense training schedules. Thankfully, they were able to come back to later in the afternoon to finalise a few keys shots.

Penrith Panthers Stadium

Due to the tight deadline, we sent half of the crew to the Penrith Panthers stadium locker room and tunnel to setup lighting so that once we were ready to film, we will be all set. Subsequently, talent was able to walk right in, capture what wee needed and on to the next scene.

The last shot was filmed in the grandstands, and by that time, we were about to lose light. Thankfully, we got it filmed in time, and we were able to call it a day.

CLIENT  Turner Freeman Lawyers

AGENCY Direct to client



PRODUCER Junne Duquilla

EDITOR Marlon Simmons


GAFFER / LIGHTING Redgie Duquilla and Andrew Prochuk


You can visit the Turner Freeman Lawyers website to find out more about their legal services. You can check out the Penrith Panthers website to see their rugby league profile.

If you have an upcoming sports video production project, send us a message and we’ll be happy to send you some info. In short, we’ve work on all types of corporate video productions, with some of the biggest organisations in Sydney.

Concept 1 // Split Screen
Concept 2 // Determined to be Different

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