A Better Choice-Mangoes. Video Production Sydney

A Better Choice – Mangoes. Video Production Sydney

We are a Video Production company in Sydney, specialising in the corporate video and content creation. We aim to be the best video production company in Sydney. Freshmark and their retail brand, A Better Choice had a monthly campaign that spanned across 6 months. Each month we focused on seasonal fruit and vegetables and in particular the work that goes into harvesting great produce.

Arrival at Euri-Gold and Marto’s Mangoes

Whilst we were in Bowen filming Pumpkins, the team at Freshmark found a few Mango famers in the same region. Subsequently, we scheduled a time to film some Mango growers at their farms. However, this proved a little tricky as mangoes weren’t 100% ready for harvest in fact as the first pickings were still 4-6 weeks away.

R2E2 Variety Researched in Bowen

Due to the fact no mango varieties were ready for picking, we took a slightly different angle and delved into the earlier stages of growing Mangoes. The growers, Dale from Euri-Gold Farms and Ben Martin of Marto’s Mangoes. Both growers were very knowledgeable in all aspects of Mango growing and shared a wealth of knowledge. Interestingly, we learnt that the R2E2 variety of mangoes got its name from the row and position in the field of a Bowen Research Facility.

Following filming, Dale and his lovely wife invited us in for a quick bite of their homemade Mango jam, and it turned out to be the best tasting jam I’ve ever tasted.

The City of Bowen

Bowen was a hidden gem that showcased a port, luscious farmland and a stunning beach, all within a few kilometres. Subsequently, we were treated to amazing b-roll, showcasing the uniqueness of the region.

You can visit the A Better Choice website to find very valuable information about fruit and vegetables, articles on seasonal produce and some amazing recipes.

If you have an upcoming video production project, send us a message and we’ll be happy to send you some info. In short, we’ve work on all types of corporate video productions, with some of the biggest organisations in Sydney and Australia-wide.

Freshmark - A Better Choice // Mangoes - Provenance
Freshmark - A Better Choice // Mangoes - People

CLIENT  Freshmark

AGENCY Direct to client



PRODUCER Junne Duquilla

EDITOR Marlon Simmons

GAFFER / LIGHTING Redgie Duquilla


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