A Better Choice-Watermelons. Corporate Video Production

A Better Choice – Watermelons. Corporate Video Production

We are a Video Production company in Sydney, specialising in corporate video and content creation. Quality corporate video production is just around the corner.Freshmark and their retail brand, A Better Choice had a monthly campaign that spanned across 6 months. Each month we focused on seasonal fruit and vegetables and in particular the work that goes into harvesting great produce.

Arrival at Hophner’s Watermelon Farm

Freshmark’s next produce was watermelons, and we were fortunate enough to head up to the beautiful city Mildura, located right on the NSW and Victorian border.

We were filming grapes for the following month’s featured produce in the same region. Therefore, we needed three days and two nights to complete filming both. We arrived after a morning flight in from Sydney, so we headed straight to Mildura’s town centre to get a bunch of establishing shots. It turned out, Mildura was a neat little city full of history. Within a few hours it was golden hour and we were very excited. Subsequently, we journeyed to get shots of the infamous Murray River. Turns out, it was well worth the drive for such stunning scenery.

The following morning, we visited Jayden Hophner on his watermelon farm. Thankfully, Jayden was right in the middle of the harvest period, which allowed us to get him and the team in action on the tractors whilst they collected watermelons ready for harvest. It was a windy morning and subsequently we had to add some extra windsocks to the lavaliere mic setup. In the end, we were able to get some wind-free audio, free of rustling.

Filming inside the Watermelon Farm’s Warehouse

Once the harvest footage was captured, we arrived at the warehouse just in time for a truck pickup. We quickly threw up the drone and were able to get some footage of the truck leaving, which made a great end to the clip.

You can visit the A Better Choice website to find very valuable information about fruit and vegetables, articles on seasonal produce and some amazing recipes.

If you have an upcoming corporate video production project, send us a message and we’ll be happy to send you some info. In short, we’ve work on all types of corporate video productions, with some of the biggest organisations in Sydney and Australia-wide.

Freshmark - A Better Choice // Watermelons - People and Provenance

CLIENT  Freshmark

AGENCY Direct to client



PRODUCER Junne Duquilla

EDITOR Marlon Simmons

GAFFER / LIGHTING Redgie Duquilla


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