A Better Choice-Cherries. Hills District Video Production

A Better Choice – Cherries. Hills District Video Production

We are a Video Production company in Sydney, specialising in corporate video and content creation. Hills District Video Production. Freshmark and their retail brand, A Better Choice had a monthly campaign that spanned across 6 months. Each month we focused on seasonal fruit and vegetables and in particular the work that goes into harvesting great produce.

Arrival at Valley Fresh Cherries and Stonefruits Farm

Christmas was just around the corner and subsequently, cherry season was just beginning. There was no surprise then, that the team at Freshmark wanted to focus on the Christmas delicacy, Cherries. What better place to visit than the Hilltops Region of NSW, Young. Home to cherries and Barisha Batinich’s family farm, Valley Fresh Berries and Stonefruits. The cherries were second to none, and the harvesting operation was simply state of the art.

It turns out we arrived only a couple of days after they had installed a new system so we made sure we didn’t wasn’t any of Barisha’s valuable time. Barisha has two children who were out there getting their hands dirty, helping with both the harvest and packing process. It was interesting to learn that the region has a school holiday called “Harvest Leave,” allowing children to help during the harvest period. Overall, we got to see Barisha teach his kids some valuable tips, getting them ready as the next generation of growers.

The City of Young

The city of Young was tranquil, and although a bustling farming community, the local eateries weren’t too crowded, which made us feel for them. However, they explained that during December, things usually get a lot busier with people coming down to the farms for cherry-picking and other stone fruit picking.

ou can visit the A Better Choice website to find very valuable information about fruit and vegetables, articles on seasonal produce and some amazing recipes.

If you have an upcoming video production project, send us a message and we’ll be happy to send you some info. In short, we’ve work on all types of corporate video productions, with some of the biggest organisations in Sydney and Australia-wide.

Freshmark - A Better Choice // Pumpkins - Provenance
Freshmark - A Better Choice // Pumpkins - People

CLIENT  Freshmark

AGENCY Direct to client



PRODUCER Junne Duquilla

EDITOR Marlon Simmons

GAFFER / LIGHTING Redgie Duquilla


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