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A Better Choice – Grapes. Affordable Video Production

We are a video production company in Sydney, specialising in corporate video and content creation. Affordable Video Production is just around the corner. Freshmark and their retail brand, A Better Choice had a monthly campaign that spanned across 6 months. Each month we focused on seasonal fruit and vegetables and in particular the work that goes into harvesting great produce.

Arrival at Maroun Vineyards

Prior to arriving at Maroun Vineyards, we finished filming the featured produce, watermelons.  After that, we arrived close to golden hour and as a result took full advantage of the stunning lighting available. I’m more of a Mango guy however, seeing the grapes soaked in the golden light, did make my lip’s watery.

Refrigerating Grapes for Transport

The picking stage was already completed well before we arrived. Therefore, we filmed the picked grapes going through the cold storage process. Consequently, we planned to film the picking process the following day and simply edit the footage together to show the complete process.

Abundance of footage

It was days end, and we were surprised to see that over 500GB of footage was captured in our first two days in Mildura. In other words, we definitely weren’t short on content, and as a result we had a stockpile of quality footage.

Sunrise filming

Our last day in Mildura, and we headed back to Maroun Vineyards to capture some sunrise shots. During this time we captured plenty of footage, showcasing the natural beauty of the vineyards, and its surrounding landscape.

Interview with Angie

Lastly, we ended the day filming interviews with Angie. Subsequently, we filmed the picking process that we missed a day earlier. After that, we were ahead of schedule so before heading to the airport we filmed some of Angie’s personal collectibles. Angie’s collection was awe-inspiring and really kicked in that old school nostalgic feeling. However, this footage didn’t make the final edit (due to time constraints) but if was nice to see it up close for ourselves.

Thank you to Freshmark

Our trip to Mildura concluded our monthly campaign with Freshmark. In conclusion, we look forward to being apart of many future projects with Freshmark and are very grateful for the opportunity we had with them. In addition, it was nice to get away from Sydney and explore the great outdoors whilst meeting amazing people and regions.

You can visit the A Better Choice website to find very valuable information about fruit and vegetables, articles on seasonal produce and some amazing recipes.

If you have an upcoming video production project, send us a message and we’ll be happy to send you some info. In short, we’ve work on all types of corporate video productions, with some of the biggest organisations in Sydney and we provide affordable video production .

Freshmark - A Better Choice // Grapes - People and Provenance

CLIENT  Freshmark

AGENCY Direct to client



PRODUCER Junne Duquilla

EDITOR Marlon Simmons

GAFFER / LIGHTING Redgie Duquilla


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